2001.4 - 2001.8

    Single neurons in prefrontal cortex encode abstract rules
    Jonathan D. Wallis, Kathleen C. Anderson, Earl K. Miller
    Nature 411,953-956,(21 June 2001)
    Report  H.Nagashima

    Spatial awareness is a function of the temporal not the posterior parietal lobe
    Hans-Otto Karnath, Susanne Ferber, Marc Himmelbach
    Nature 411,950-953,(21 June 2001)
    Report  K.Omata

    Tracking an object through feature space
    Erik Blaser, Zenon W. Pylyshyn, Alex O. Holcombe
    Nature 408,196-199,(09 November 2000)
    Report  T.Yanagawa

    Visual behaviour mediated by retinal projections directed to the auditory pathway
    Laurie von Melchner, Sarah L. Pallas, Mriganka Sur
    Nature 404,871-876,(20 April 2000)
    Report  H.Nagashima

    Induction of visual orientation modules in auditory cortex
    Jitendra Sharma, Alessandra Angelucci, Mriganka Sur
    Nature 404,841-847,(20 April 2000)
    Report  K.Omata

    The concepts of 'sameness' and 'difference' in an insect
    Martin Giurfa, Shaowu Zhang, Arnim Jenett, Randolf Menzel, Mandyam V. Srinivasan
    Nature 410,930-933,(19 April 2001)
    Report  T.Yanagawa

    A Novel Spike Distance
    M. C. W. van Rossum
    Neural Comp. 2001 13: 751-763.
    Report  H.Nagashima

    Seeing multiple directions of motion-physiology and psychophysics
    Stefan Treue, Karel Hol, Hans-Jurgen Rauber
    Nature Neuroscience 3,270-276,(March 2000)
    Report  K.Omata

    Unconscious priming eliminates automatic binding of colour and alphanumeric form in synaesthesia.
    Jason B. Mattingley, Anina N. Rich, Greg Yelland and John L. Bradshaw:
    Nature 410,580-582,(29 March 2001)
    Report  T.Yanagawa